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Feeding free-roaming cats reduces presumed interest in hunting wildlife


“Influence of Care of Domestic Carnivores on Their Predation on Vertebrates,” published in Conservation Biology, 2011. Abstract available online here.


This study [1] presents the results of research in southern Chile examining the effect of regular feeding on the hunting behavior of cats and dogs.

Key points

Using data obtained from owner surveys and scat analysis in two southern Chile communities, the study’s authors concluded that “underfed” cats are nearly five times as likely to prey on wildlife (compared to adequately fed cats).

Study authors concluded that 'underfed' cats were nearly five times as likely to prey on wildlife.

The outdoor cats studied were all free-roaming pets, suggesting that these findings can likely be applied to “community cats” in the U.S. Such cats often take advantage of available anthropogenic (i.e., human-provided) food sources [2–6].

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