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Advisory Board

The National Feline Research Council (NFRC) is comprised of a diverse team of practitioners, researchers, and analysts who share a common goal of promoting data-driven policies for the management of feral and stray cats.

Kelly A. Bettinger NFRC Advisory Board M

Kelly A. Bettinger

University of Georgia-based wildlife biologist specializing in avian inventory, monitoring, and protocol development.

Robert headshot.jpg

Robert Schmidt, Ph.D.

Wildlife, ecology, natural resources and environmental advocacy educator at Utah State University.

Rachael Kreisler, V.M.D., NFRC Advisory Board Member

Rachael Kreisler, V.M.D.

M.S.C.E., D.A.C.V.P.M. (Epi) Clinical epidemiologist with focus on shelter medicine and veterinary education.

Bob Weedon, D.V.M, M.P.H., NFRC Advisory Board member

Bob Weedon, D.V.M, M.P.H.

Spay/neuter surgeon and former educator committed to exploring solutions for pet overpopulation.

Joan E. Schaffner, J.D., NFRC Advisory Board Member

Joan E. Schaffner, J.D.

 Awarded animal law expert and Associate Professor at George Washington University School of Law.

Peter J. Wolf, NFRC Advisory Board

Peter J. Wolf

Ex officio member. Science writer and research/policy analyst for Best Friends Animal Society.

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